LogTag® Recorders - Official Authorised distributor

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers for monitoring, recording & logging data related to all types of temperature and humidity sensitive goods in transit in Southern Africa.

LogTag® products are used in a huge number of different applications including widespread use in food and pharmaceutical temperature and/or humidity monitoring & logging for both storage and shipping of goods in transit.

LogTag® products are designed to meet the growing demand for cost effective electronic environmental recording solutions to measure, monitor and log temperature and/or humidity. Using innovative and leading edge design together with high volume Asian sourcing & manufacturing keeps our products innovative and cost effective. Our commitment to product quality is achieved through well engineered product design together with the use of high specification components and maintaining tight control on production processes.

Functions include: Temperature and humidity data loggers, WiFi data logger, USB data loggers, LogTag® data loggers, Temperature logging device, Temperature and loggers, Temperature and Humidity loggers, Temperature and humidity Data loggers, Temperature monitoring ( of cold chain / fresh produce / reefers / medical distribution ), Online temperature monitoring and logging.

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