Temperature and Humidity Recorders

As per WHO good pharmacy practices and SAPC/ MCC / SAHPRA legislation, temperature and humidity data logging & monitoring in pharmaceutical warehouses, bulk stores, cold store and fridges is required.
Temperature and humidity mapping exercises are to be conducted to ascertain the best positioning of permanent monitoring devices.
Logtag temperature and humidity loggers are used extensively for warehouse mapping.

Logtag HAXO-8 electronically measures both temperature and humidly ( RH ) simultaneously while saving all data for later download, analysing and validation.

Temperature and humidity recorders are used for static and mobile verification that the cold chain has been maintained and alerts and highlights any excursions.

Logtags have WHO PQS listings  ( E006/006 )and used throughout UNICEF, Department of Health –Western Cape, pharmaceutical distributors and manufacturers throughout SADEC.

Logtags are used in single trip export fresh produce temperature and humidity monitoring.

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